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Cyphe Life Recordz
About Cyphe Life Recordz
Cyphe Life Recordz is an independent record label creating music like no other. Cyphe Life Recordz artists are focused, creative, intelligent, and determined to make music representing the world in their vision. We continue to create and release music in honor of Low Loc the first person I signed to Cyphe Life his memory and legacy lives on throughout Cyphe Life forever more. Free Juvy Smooth one of the most hard working artists to ever work with Cyphe Life. We continue to push this movement for those that have supported us on our journey to what we are today, Cyphe Life Recordz.
 - CEO William Wilkinson (Willy Hendrix)
Upcoming Events
  1. Last Thursday Every Month
    Newburgh's Open Mic
    119 Liberty Street Newburgh NY
    TIME: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm THURSDAY
  2. 9 NOVEMBER 2015
    NAYbKAH190D Cypha Album iTunes Release
    Low Loc's C day is the official release date for the final album started by him and finished by us released to honor the legacy of the legend who made the instant Classic mixtape Lokii Da Trap God
    TIME: 12:00 am MONDAY